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India's Finest Exports

India’s Finest Rice

TORA Exports

India is the world’s biggest Rice exporter and has captured nearly 50% of the world market for rice.

Basmati Rice

Known as the ‘Queen of Fragrance’.
Basmati rice is known worldwide for its unique nutty flavor, fragrance, length (up to 9.1 mm of uncooked rice) & nutrition content.

Pusa Rice

PUSA Basmati rice length is less compared to 1121 Basmati Rice offering the same aromas of Basmati rice.

Non-Basmati Rice

Main Non-Basmati Rice grades exported from India are Long Grain Rice (Raw, Parboiled), Broken Long Grain Rice (Raw, Parboiled), Short Grain Rice (Raw, Parboiled), 100% Broken Rice (Raw).

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